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Files for Emergent-Robot-Behaviour

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Emergent-Robot-Behaviour.thumbs/ 02-Dec-2014 10:56 -
20141201_155555_seeing a friend.gif 02-Dec-2014 10:14 53.9K
20141201_155555_seeing a friend.mp4 02-Dec-2014 08:38 60.9M
20141201_155555_seeing a friend.ogv 02-Dec-2014 11:15 2.6M
20141201_161511_sloping roof.gif 02-Dec-2014 10:15 52.2K
20141201_161511_sloping roof.mp4 02-Dec-2014 08:36 34.3M
20141201_161511_sloping roof.ogv 02-Dec-2014 12:18 1.5M
20141201_171440_unstuck under a chair.gif 02-Dec-2014 10:11 68.4K
20141201_171440_unstuck under a chair.mp4 02-Dec-2014 08:34 258.1M
20141201_171440_unstuck under a chair.ogv 02-Dec-2014 12:12 11.1M
20141201_172123_monk.gif 02-Dec-2014 10:13 162.9K
20141201_172123_monk.mp4 02-Dec-2014 08:23 109.2M
20141201_172123_monk.ogv 02-Dec-2014 12:01 4.7M
20141201_174559_rotate around_moving light.gif 02-Dec-2014 10:21 122.4K
20141201_174559_rotate around_moving light.mp4 02-Dec-2014 08:18 433.2M
20141201_174559_rotate around_moving light.ogv 02-Dec-2014 11:12 18.7M
20141201_175034_rotate around_fixed light.gif 02-Dec-2014 09:58 195.4K
20141201_175034_rotate around_fixed light.mp4 02-Dec-2014 07:59 128.5M
20141201_175034_rotate around_fixed light.ogv 02-Dec-2014 11:27 5.5M
Emergent-Robot-Behaviour_archive.torrent 25-Sep-2016 09:48 47.3K
Emergent-Robot-Behaviour_files.xml 25-Sep-2016 09:48 59.8K
Emergent-Robot-Behaviour_meta.sqlite 02-Dec-2014 09:11 36.0K
Emergent-Robot-Behaviour_meta.xml 25-Sep-2016 09:47 915.0B
Robot.mp4.gif 02-Dec-2014 10:07 67.2K
Robot.mp4.mp4 02-Dec-2014 07:53 88.6M
Robot.mp4.ogv 02-Dec-2014 11:22 8.6M
Robot.osp 02-Dec-2014 07:53 30.9K
VID_20141127_162340_ celling light_ stuck on a chair leg.gif 02-Dec-2014 10:28 25.2K
VID_20141127_162340_ celling light_ stuck on a chair leg.mp4 02-Dec-2014 09:10 16.7M
VID_20141127_162340_ celling light_ stuck on a chair leg.ogv 02-Dec-2014 11:28 844.5K
VID_20141127_162925_responding to moving hands.gif 02-Dec-2014 10:27 39.5K
VID_20141127_162925_responding to moving hands.mp4 02-Dec-2014 09:09 23.4M
VID_20141127_162925_responding to moving hands.ogv 02-Dec-2014 11:42 1.1M
VID_20141127_163051_unsuck by having chairs moved and stop when no light.gif 02-Dec-2014 10:27 153.0K
VID_20141127_163051_unsuck by having chairs moved and stop when no light.mp4 02-Dec-2014 09:08 87.7M
VID_20141127_163051_unsuck by having chairs moved and stop when no light.ogv 02-Dec-2014 12:16 4.3M
VID_20141127_163416_detect and scan gabage can.gif 02-Dec-2014 10:29 119.6K
VID_20141127_163416_detect and scan gabage can.mp4 02-Dec-2014 09:04 68.9M
VID_20141127_163416_detect and scan gabage can.ogv 02-Dec-2014 11:45 3.4M
VID_20141127_163721_suddenly turning on liight.gif 02-Dec-2014 09:59 78.4K
VID_20141127_163721_suddenly turning on liight.mp4 02-Dec-2014 09:01 43.8M
VID_20141127_163721_suddenly turning on liight.ogv 02-Dec-2014 11:57 2.1M
VID_20141127_164728_seek light.gif 02-Dec-2014 10:25 51.3K
VID_20141127_164728_seek light.mp4 02-Dec-2014 08:59 185.8M
VID_20141127_164728_seek light.ogv 02-Dec-2014 11:54 9.1M
VID_20141127_171857_in class_stuck_ rest under table.gif 02-Dec-2014 10:04 91.0K
VID_20141127_171857_in class_stuck_ rest under table.mp4 02-Dec-2014 08:51 287.2M
VID_20141127_171857_in class_stuck_ rest under table.ogv 02-Dec-2014 11:41 14.0M